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Vire celebrates its 50 years of activity in the packaging industry



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Throughout 2023, Vire celebrates its 50th year of activity in the packaging industry, a milestone that marks a significant moment of reflection on the company's growth journey.

In this context, we want to look back at the history and successes achieved over these years, as we continue to project ourselves into the future with the same passion that has driven us since the very beginning to enter the world of automatic machinery to serve the packaging market.

The early yeras

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In 1973, two young entrepreneurs founded the company with the goal of automating packaging systems for hygiene and healthcare products intended for the consumer market, laying the foundation for a journey of evolution and growth.

The two partners, Vignoli and Reni - from whose initials the name VI/RE came from - started designing the first systems dedicated to automating P&G and Fameccanica Data. Over the years, this collaboration has evolved into an extremely fruitful and enduring partnership.

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In the early years of operation, Vire machines evolved concurrently with the innovation of personal care and household products. In particular, the collaborations with renowned international brands such as P&G, KC, ESSITY, ONTEX, and DRYLOCK led to the automation of packaging for detergents, wipes, and diapers. These innovative solutions have allowed Vire to adapt flexibly to the changing market demands, maintaining cutting-edge packaging systems.

Vire becomes part of the Bucci Group

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In 2007, Vire became part of the Bucci Industries Group, marking a fundamental phase in its journey. This acquisition led the company towards new perspectives, strengthening its position in the global market.

Thanks to the service network of Bucci Industries Group subsidiaries and substantial investments in research and development, Vire has been able to adapt its products to contemporary needs and consolidate its international presence. This achievement consolidated an important position among experts in automated packaging solutions.

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In 2018, Vire introduced its machine lines: Adult, Baby, Light Inco, and Feminine. These lines were conceived with a particular emphasis on fundamental elements such as the reliability of each machine process, ergonomic design, and high-level performance. Throughout all these years, the company's goal is always the same: to provide high-quality, high-performance machines, ensuring continuous competitiveness in the market.

Key role in the packaging industry

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A new chapter began in 2021 when the Bucci Industries Group acquired ZETA, a long-standing Bolognese company specialized in the secondary packaging sector. This company, known for manufacturing cartoning machines, had already established a strong presence in the Italian territory and was recognized for designing and producing machinery in line with the latest technologies for various application sectors. Through this strategic takeover, the Bucci Industries Group has significantly bolstered its range of products and services dedicated to the packaging sector.

Currently, the synergy between the machines produced by Vire and those developed by ZETA allows us to provide an integrated and comprehensive packaging system.

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In 2023, Vire introduces the new Scada HMI panel: an advanced version that combines maximum ergonomics and usability, the result of a careful study in the arrangement of menus and buttons, along with the introduction of intuitive images to facilitate smooth and immediate navigation. This innovation reaffirms Vire as a leading company in automation, always at the forefront in overcoming limits and shaping the future.

A journey of 50 years

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Vire celebrates 50 years of excellence in the packaging industry, always committed to a single aim: ensuring outstanding performance and optimizing production processes in the primary packaging sector. This journey has allowed the growth of our experience and competence, paving the way for increasingly efficient and innovative solutions.

From day one, we embraced every challenge as an opportunity to improve, anticipating future needs and consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation.